The most significant thing about Aragon, is its contrasts…

In a territory similar in size to the Netherlands but just 1 million population, it has some of the highest mountains in Europe, it has one of the longest rivers in Europe, and it also has deserts…

This adventure pack includes the best adventure activities to be done, in just 6 days in Aragon. Enjoy rafting, horse-riding, hiking, photo-tours and everything, including the best part of spending your holidays in Spain, great restaurants at a very good prices, and sunny weather most of the year!

NOTE: Although this pack is defined for small groups (2 to 8 people) and it has a closed calendar with specific activities for each one of the 6 days, this is totally configurable. This has been created as an example on what we are offering: hiking, rafting, horse-riding, zip-lines, etc. but we can adapt it to customer needs. 

If you are interested, fell free to ask!

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VIAJAR POR ARAGON – Holidays Packs (see PDF document)

This pack includes the longest double zip-line in Europe! Check this video

This pack includes rafting in the Pyrenees! Check this video

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